Hello, there's some weird stuff out there!  You know it, we know it, and we want to find it.  Our efforts are based in the idea that all stories have some basis in fact.  We love a good story.  Our goal is always to provide a no nonsense appraisal of the story and its' associated paranormal activity and the professional analysis that takes it from a campfire tale to something you can wrap your wits around.  Please join us in the journey that is our passion in finding the truth, whatever that is......
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MadCO has had its first evidence actually published in Rebecca Pittman's new  book History & Haunting of the Stanley Hotel. 

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Notice the far right of the picture in gray near a woman looking at a display.Zoomed in version of what appears to be a British solider looking through the archway!
Tower of London Ghost!
On a recent trip to Europe Kevin captured an amazing shadow person on a ramp in the London Underground.The legs and what appears to be a coat are clearly visible near the seating to the right!
London Underground Ghost!
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Recent Capture in the Paris Catacombs Mar. 11, 2022