Investigated July 27, 2012
Investigators: Jonathan Hodges & Kevin Lynn
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Location: Death Valley Junction, CA.

Date: July 27, 2012

Investigators: Jon Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: Sleepy Hollow, Opera House, Maids Quarters, Morman House, Railroad Workers Cottages, and Old Stables
Isolated in the California desert is a paranormal hotspot like no other. The Amargosa Hotel proved to be daunting and very much haunted with spirits of all types ranging from child spirits playing outside in the wide open desert to darker spirits lurking in the depths of Sleepy Hollow. The action was nonstop and an abundance of activity occured during our investigation. MadCO Paranormal definitely enjoyed this little (huge) gem in the desert.

As we reached our location on July 27th the 120 degree heat hit us like a brick as we rushed inside to cool down, check into our room and meet our host for the night. Susi Miller was our guide to this wonderful hotel and all its odd activity. Susi surprised us as we discovered we'd not only get to invesitgate the hotel and opera house but several of the outlying buildings as well. Once we gathered our gear we knew we'd have our hands full just trying to cover all the locations in one evening.

As our night got underway we expereinced numerous accounts of paranormal activity from cold spots, disembodied voices, fantom smells, poltergeist activity, being touched and even a full blown daytime apparition the following morning. Sadly the apparition was not captured on film. Kevin was in the process of moving the car outside and when he re-entered the hotel and headed down the hall he witnessed a male figure with dark hair, a black shirt and brown paints enter room 10. Oddly enough a hotel staff member was standing right next to the appartion as she was entering another room on the opposite side of the hall to make her cleaning rounds and never saw the figure that was only 3 feet from her because her back was turned to it. Kevin quickly entered room 10 to find it empty and asked and approaching worker that had been installing carpet in that room if he had someone helping him. He quickly replied "no it's just me working in here."

What a way to end the trip! Please enjoy our findings below!
Amargosa Site Plan
Areas of investigation labeled
1) Sleepy Hollow - Unrenovated section of hotel
2) Old Maid's Quarters
3) Opera House
4) Mormon House
5) Rail Worker Cottage A
6) Rail Worker Cottage B
7) Rail Worker Cottage C
8) Old Stables
The Children Spirits of Amargosa

These two clips were captured during our initial walkaround of the area.  Both of these clips occur outside of the Mormon House which originally housed a Mormon family with many children.  Only Kevin, Jon and Susi are present at this time.  It is also approximately 10:30 at night.

These two clips were captured in front of the hotel in the gravel parking lot around 10 pm.  There was no one present at the time but Kevin, Jon and Susi.  This appears to be a little boy who first asks for Mommy and then proceeds to talk.  The second clip sounds as if he is running through the gravel.  The guys were not aware that anything paranormal was occuring.
More Audio Evidence

A very interesting evp caught in Rail Worker Cottage B.  Listen before Kevin says that the house smells like gas, you hear a spirit actually say "Guest".  We smelled a very weird smell when we entered but when we returned later that night,  it was gone.

While walking past Cottege C from the Mormon House, Kevin and Jon received this evp.  It appears to say "Look Over Here" and then a few additional words.

Advice while hunting ghosts, always keep a voice recorder running!  The guys picked this evp up while just walking on the grounds.  It appears to be saying "Hey Dustin".

Class A evp caught in Spooky Hollow saying Look Out!

This was caught by Jon as he walked alone in Spooky Hollow.  You hear a voice say "Chase".  Other fuzzy voices can be heard but this was common for this place.  Kevin and Jon heard them all night!
Opera House

The below clip was captured as Kevin and Jon are backstage flipping breakers trying to get the lights off in the Opera House.  Watch as a red streak of light/energy on the left of the screen almost skips and then flies off from left to right out of frame.

As Jon and Kevin prepare to investigate backstage, listen to this spirit right beside Jon's camera sitting stationary on the stage say "Thank You!"
The guys heard voices and noises coming from the stage during their investigation but in this clip you hear a female say "Their Right...There".

Simultanous evidence capture recorded from Kevin's video camera. The words "Thank You" seem to be very close to Kevin as he films. Also notice the white misty figure that crosses in front of the camera a little before hearing "Thank You."
Maid's Quarters
Early into the night's investigation Kevin and Jon head over to the Old Maid's Quarters which is just another wing on the existing hotel. Just before they enter above the door you will notice a back mass start to take shape and as Jon's pushes open the door to the Maid's Quarters the mass takes of quickly and leaves behind a swooping sound.
Spooky Hollow
Spooky Hollow was quite a surprise. The old unrenovated section of the hotel is as creepy as the pictures and video would lead you to believe!

While exploring the main corridor in Spooky Hollow Kevin asks out seeming to have noticed movement down the hall. A response is captured. What is being said is a little hard to make out.

Just a few minutes before exiting the Maid's Quarters one of our cameras captures sounds of banging or hammering as if work was being conducted in the old building.

Spirit possibly saying "First Room".

This was captured in the old shower area in Spooky Hollow.  Listen as Susi is talking about how rocks are thrown then we capture it!!

This is a disimbodied voice that Jon caputures that Kevin actually hears.  You hear the voice then Kevin reacts with "whoa".  What is being said is unknown but appears to be something like "burn it".

This is outside of a room where Carlos, the lead foreman, his bedroom was located.  You hear Kevin ask "Hey Carlos, how you doing buddy".  Listen as Carlos responds!!!

This clip was captured in the shower area of Spooky Hollow.  Listen as you hear a direct response from a female say "No" then a few additional words.  If you can tell what those words are, please email us.
Rail Workers Cottages

This piece comes while walking from Cottage House A to B.  A voice is picked up saying "Wait For  Me".
This clip was captured in Cottage C.  The first voice you hear seems to say "Stand Him Up".  The second is Kevin saying "end evp" and then Jon saying "evp".

Just before entering Cottage A Jon makes note of a claim we were told about involving a young mother killing her baby by drowning it in the bathtub. After Jon makes the comment a spirit is heard saying "she enjoyed it" potentially solidifying the claim.

Upon finalizing our investigation in Cottage A a spirit calls out to the weather conditions during a time this spirit worked the site by saying "Its Cold!" Hard to believe since we were in the middle of Death Valley.

At Cottage B we were greeted yet again at the door with a great evp. As we enter a spirit says "Guest"! This was captured on Kevin's video recorder.  The audio recording to the right is the same evp but was captured on Jon's voice recorder.  You can see him in front of Kevin in the video.

The clip to the right comes from the shower room in Spooky Hollow. Quite simply this spirit didn't like Kevin in there and says "You'e a Dick."
Mormon House

Listen as Jon says that he is from Alabama and then asks if the spirit knows where Alabama is.  A voice responds extremely clear and says "Uh-Huh".

Same audio clip from above. "Its Cold!"

On the atrium side of Spooky Hollow the next morning Kevin is shooting a few still photos while running an evp session. During this time a female spirit speaks out saying "They're innocent Will!"

While investigating the Mormon House Kevin stops seeming have heard footsteps nearby. Listen as it was captured by his camera mic.

While trying to contact the child spirit of Laura Jon asks her what her father's name was. A male responds possibly saying "David or Damon."

The same question is asked twice by Jon on what Laura's father's name might be. To the left is the response after the second time the question is asked. This is the first response. You can clearly hear a spirit saying "you bastards."