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Location:  Ashmore, Illinois

Date of Investigation:  November 2, 2011

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

Areas of Focused Investigation:  Building and surrounding grounds

Investigation:  Ashmore Estates was the former Coles County Poor Farm when it first opened at the turn of the 20th century. It operated to provide those less fortunate with a place to live and work. After being a poor farm for the first 40+ years it later turned into a state mental institution providing care to those with mental disabilities in the state of Illinois.

After closing down in the early 80's Ashmore Estates was purchased and turned into a haunted attraction.  Once Halloween ends the building takes on its own personality with the spirits of those that once lived within its  walls coming out to interact with those that enter its front door.

During our investigation we experienced a number of odd things from malfunctioning camera equipment to changes in our own physical and mental well being. The atmosphere was  heavy throughout the site even in our setup room where a large amount of activity occured.

Our investigation lasted 6 hours and the 2 of us were the only ones in the building during this investigation. As mentioned several occurances happened during our time inside Ashmore Estates. We observed a number of audible voices either playing out an act from the past or directly communicating with the two of us. Eventhough we recorded a number of audio and visual evidence very little  electromagnetic fields or pockets were detected in the building. This is very different from what we typically record in a seriously haunted location.

Overall the investigation was thrilling but quite unsettling at the same time. Our final conclusion it that Ashmore Estates is VERY much haunted and infested with spirits from the old Poor Farm and Mental Asylum.

Please enjoy our findings below! 
Date of Investigation:  November 2, 2011

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

Prior to even starting our full investigation Kevin decided to run a quick video in and around our equipment setup area on the 2nd floor. When shooting video Kevin aims down the hall into an adjacent storage room and catches a solid shadow person moving from right to left inside the room. Jonathan is behind Kevin and their shadows can be accounted for against the wall to their right. The shadow person was not seen with the naked eye. It was only picked up during evidence review.

A great find for only being in the building about 10 minutes!
Moving Shadow Person - 2nd Floor Storage Room

During a short break between investigating the 3rd and 2nd floors of the building we picked up a very distinct set of footsteps seemingly running away of from our location. We did not hear the footsteps only the coyotes howling in the background. Turn your volume up for this clip.

During a walk around digital photo session a voice is captured saying "Let Him Go."

During the same photo session we catch a faint female voice. What is being said is unknown. Listen right after you hear the feedback in the audio recording device.

On the 2nd Floor while walking around during our hour long photo session we continue to capture evp's with our audio recorders. This evp is of a female coughing followed by a couple of words we cannot make out.

A tremendous piece of footage occurs in the basement area of Ashmore Estates while we were changing out a tape on a still camera in the boiler room.

As we are about to leave Jon singles to Kevin to grab the K2 meter he has. As Kevin leans back to grab the K2 meter the light on his video camera goes out momentarily. It catches them both by surprise. Notice the slight freeze in frame just before the light goes off.  Below is the view from Jon's camera behind Kevin.  Notice also where Kevin's hand is on the camera.  He did not touch it.

This video ocurred also in the basement area.  You can see Kevin sitting on the right of the screen by the light of the view finder of his video camera.  Watch as a large shadow forms beside Kevin and then darts off to the left.  Remember it so dark, we cannot see our hands in front of our faces.  Kevin does turn his flashlight on briefly at the end of the clip, but we did not see the shadow.
This clip is on the 2FL when Jon is filming near the stairwell. You will see a spirit orb come into frame and turn as if it is moving toward the stairwell. After the phenomona occurs both Kevin and Jon are hit with a blast of cold air.

No females were on this trip, but listen to the loud female voice that was captured in the basement on the video clip to the left.  We've heard from several people on what they thought it was saying.  The two most popular thoughts is "Go Away" or "Come Away".  The audio clip below was captured on the audio recorder at the same time.

This is a strange clip.  Listen to the evp of a male after Jon says It's Cold In Here.  It appears to be saying "Please dust" or "Please us".  Definitely a strange thing to be said.

Creepy evp!  Jon and Kevin are heading up the stairs from the basement to take a quick break and something makes Jon stop and point his camera back down the stairway towards the basement area.  Listen to the disturbing voice say "Can I Keep You" something.  It almost sounds like a taunting sing-song tone.  Creepy!

How Dark Is It At Ashmore Estates?!!

During a rapid fire walkthrough where Jon and Kevin would take as many pictures quickly through out an area, you here a male voice come out of no where.  It appears to say something to the effect of "He's back on us again".  Jon and Kevin did not say a word during this clip.  This was thier second time visiting this area and it is also where they captured the dark shadow featured above.

This clip was captured while going from the basement to the second floor on the staircase in the back of the building.  No need to set this one up due to it is extremely loud.  Listen for the deep voice to say "Can Ya'll Feel It"! 

The clip below was captured just a few moments later on the same staircase.  It sounds like the same toned voice actually laughing.  Jon thinks he sees something on the wall that startles him for second.  This voice seems to think this is funny.

Listen after Jon says, where gonna move on then.  Male voice says "Geez Fu*ker"

Direct response to the question, "Do you not want to play"?

No voices in this one, but listen as Jon and Kevin stops.  They think they hear someone following them and right when they stop, listen for the steps.

Male voice says "Help".  You can hear Jon and Kevin immediately stop.

Kevin and Jon are taking a break and discussing the rooms and you hear a male grunt or a clearing of the throat. Both guys heard this with their ears.

Listen to this direct response to Kevin's question.  It is so loud, Jon thinks Kevin is messing with him when he asks if the response was Kevin's stomach!

This is a strange noise caught during an experiment where a camera was placed watching a children's toy while Kevin and Jon go outside the building.  Sounds like a possible residual noise of a piece of machinery.

Jon and Kevin just arrive back to their base area to take a break.  Listen to the little kid say it's name directly into the recorder.  The K-2 goes off at the same time also.  It appears to say "I am Denise"!

Great evp! Kevin and Jon are sitting quiet and still just listening when they hear high hill footsteps approach. You can here them whispering things like "holy crap" and "what the", but after the footsteps approach and stop, a few seconds later you hear what appears to be a female giggle.

The clip starts off and you hear Kevin talking but listen as the K-2 goes crazy.  As soon as it does, listen to the voice say "Caught Ya".

After Kevin states that he's hearing faint things, listen to the lady laugh.  You even hear here take a breath in!
Love this clip! Kevin and Jon are outside but they left a recorder running with an EM Pump.  Listen as you here two different evps. One says either "Kevin" or "Help Me"  and appears more female and then the other says "Help Her" which appears to be male.

Recorder is running alone in the break area. You distinctly hear a male voice!

Same session, recorder is alone.  Loud male voice yells "Don't Look in Here"!

This is when Kevin and Jon are investigating outside.  Jon asks, Anybody Out Here With Us, you hear an unknown male say "OK, I'm Here"!

This is for both of the clips to the left.  While Kevin and Jon investigated Ashmore, they always left a recorder running at the Nurse's Station, which is where they set up their base.  At one point as they approached on the Second Floor, they heard what sounded like someone rummaging through their equipment.  The first clip is what the recorder caught when they replayed it.  The second clip is of what appears to be of a little girl that says the word "Buena" repeatedly as they approach.  Someone was saying hi!

This was missed the first time through evidence review, but that is why evidence is reviewed multiple times!  Watch at the very beginning of the video as Jon says "So we're at the back then" and watch as Kevin moves out of frame, a black shadow shoots to the left extremely fast! It was like it was standing behind them and as Kevin moved, it shot for the door.  We've slowed this piece down for further review and it actually starts to take on a white tone as if it was materializing before it darts out of frame.  It has been noted also that many have said that they hear faint screams also while the clip is running.
We have much more evidence to add from Ashmore!  We also have tons of evidence that did not make it to the site due to space constraints.  If you would like to see it, please email us and we will be happen to send it to you!!

While walking through the dark maze section of the haunted house set up at Ashmore Estates Kevin is filming and catches an object, possibly a stone, flying through the frame. Nothing is said but Kevin did note hearing something smack the wall near him which you can hear when the objects contacts the adjacent wall on impact.

While investigating the 2FL we capture an EVP as if we are being closely followed. It says "Behind You."

After our time at Ashmore Estates is it apparent some of the spirits weren't looking to make friends. This threatening evp was caught during our investigation as you can clearly her a female spirit possibly communicating with another spirit. Simply said is the phrase "Throw it at his head."
This clip is not related to the piece on the left as they occured 15 minutes apart.

This video clip goes along with the above video. The video shows true paranormal proof of the audio above as the voice is NOT captued on this device. This odd phenomona often occurs when paranormal activity is present. Audio may be captured on one device and not on another.

If you listen very closely at :15 you hear a voice say "yeah." Then at :27 a male voice presumably says "keep walking." Kevin appears to hear this and turns around with the camera. Right after you hear a female at :33 say "he heard you" then something seems to be thrown. Possibly a piece of gravel, but we can't be sure. Finally at :36 a male voice is heard again, but what is being said cannot be determined.

Much of the audio had to be slowed down or increased in speed to determine what was being said. Sometimes spirits will speak at different audio frequences and variable speed review of these clips help us determine what is being said.