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Date of Investigation:  July 2015 & May 2016

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn
Location: Lost Creek Wilderness (Bailey, Colorado)

Investigators: Kevin Lynn & Jonathan Hodges

Date: July 2015 & May 2016

Areas of Interest: Colorado Trail....approximately 2 miles deep into the Lost Creek Wilderness

Bigfoot Hunt
Being complete rookies at this we were going to have to try and employee paranormal technics and whatever else we could think of to try and lure in any sasquatch in the area for closer observation ........if that was even an option. Neither of us expected to capture or hear a thing on our camping adventure. Boy were we wrong as this experience would prove to be one of the most terrifying ever.
Audio Clips from our trip!!!!!
We are especially proud of this audio clip. From what we understand it is incredible hard to catch any audio of a Bigfoot let alone a strange vocal like this that most expects would describe as chatter.
Tree breaks with black figure way in the distance. Look at zoomed in shotsAdditional angle of tree breaksZoomed inDiffernBlow up of Figure in the distance

Footsteps approaching our tent.

Two whoops caught in the middle of the night.

Wood knock from very late in the night.

Tree limb break and wood knock