Castle Ghost Hunting in the UK and Ireland
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Throughout history castles have been known as places of fear and ghostly happenings. Nowhere else was this the case than in Britian and Ireland as these places were steeped in folklore about ghosts, witches, fairies and more. So since its the season for tales of horror and everything creepy let MadCO Paranormal show you a few places across the pond loaded with history and ghosts. These castles ..........yes can actually been hunted by paranormal investigators and we will provide a link to each place to book an investigation or overnight stay......if you dare!

Oxford Castle - Situated about 60 miles north of London this 1000 year old castle has a long rich history that even includes operating as a prison for nearly 250 years. The site saw murders and executions on a regular basis creating a breeding ground for paranormal activity. So if you are an avid ghost hunter on a trip to London its worth a short trip and a hunt inside Oxford Castle!
Chillingham Castle - This oh so famous castle is situated close to the Scottish border and is a massive symbol of English power in the northern region of the country. Its known the be host to a bevy of spirits that include the famed torture master John Sage. This castle is so notorius for spirit activity its thought to be the most haunted castle in all of Britian. Wanna stay the night? believe it of not this place is a bed and breakfast!!!!.  Rent a room and have the whole castle to explore.
Margam Castle -  In the Welch countryside Margam Castle has a charming appearence at first sight. But once you enter the castle a history of family deaths, a castle fire and a fearsome elemental all come screaming forward as you enter the castle and walk through its halls. An overnight here is sure to terrify even the most seasoned ghost hunter.
Culzean Castle - One of the the most famous ghosts at Culzean Castle is a phantom Bagpiper and his dog. The two are seen throughout the castle and its grounds. Perched on the cliffside overlooking the Atlantic ocean and neighboring Ireland this place is not for the faint of heart.
Charleville Castle - Built in County Offaly Ireland this castles architect tried to harness the power of ancient spirits such as fairies by building the castle at the intersection of 2 fairy mounds. Strange doesn't even begin to explain this place. Surrounded by the Charleville Forest this hulking structure will leave anyone terrified after exploring the depths of its dungeon.
Leap Castle - Also an Offaly County gem this castle has worldwide notirity. Host to many spirits good and evil a section of the castle once had an oubliette (pit with spikes) where cart loads of human bones were removed from ungodly happenings. No wonder an evil elemental and its foul stench roam the castle. Once in a lifetime hunt!