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Date of Investigation:  July 24, 2015

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

The video to your left is just a sample of the repeat activity we had occuring all night long inside the Cripple Creek Jail!!!!

Strange unaccounted for sound. Sounds like some type of power surge or maybe the locking system for the cells if they were indeed power operated at some point during its operation.

Very clear voice saying "What is that". A spirit is obviously trying to figure out what the piece of equipment I am holding could be.

Amazing series of events is occuring during this part of our investigation. The video serves primarily as an audio log of the events. Jon and Kevin both witness shadows. Kevin appears to see a human shadow while Jon seems to see a shadow of a cat. If you listen closely you can even hear a cat meow just before Jon sees the shadow figure.

Audio phenomena was in abundence during the night. I deep male voice can be heard in this clip