Date of Investigation:  Oct 15, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

email: madcopara

Location:  Virginia City, NV

Date of Investigation:  Oct 15,2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

Areas of Focused Investigation:  Basement, Bar Area, Admin Offices

Investigation:  MadCO was fortunate to have the opportunity to investigate the Virginia City Visitors Center in October 2010.  The building is known by many as The Crystal Bar and is still imprinted with this name across the brick front of the establishment.  Originally built in 1876, the Crystal Bar has housed many different tenants in its 130+ years, and we were there to see if any decided to stay and make it their permanent home, after death.

We focused on three areas during our investigation that night: the upstairs storage and office area, the original bar area, and the basement area, which was used as a speak-easy during the prohibition era.  Below, you will find our evidence that we collected that night.  It came from all the different areas at all different times.  We used multiple devices to record the evidence below and kept an audio recorder and a video camera going at all times in the main bar area.  Do we need to state whether or not the Crystal Bar is haunted?  Review the evidence and see for yourself.  We think the answer is pretty clear.

Basement Area

Check out more evidence on YouTube (search for jonho27) or join our Facebook page (just search for

This video does not contain anything visually, but listen after Jon asks "How old are you"?  You hear a male voice say something that sounds like "You need to cuss more".

This video was at the very end of the night.  We had major K-2 activity so I asked if it could light all five lights up on the K-2 for a second time, we would leave.  The K-2 lite up on demand so we thanked it and said we were leaving.  The video picks up at this point.  I then ask, "What are you going to do if we don't leave" in a joking manner.  Listen to the response on the Ovilus. a continuation of the Ovilus session is on the right where at one point you will hear a female spirit say "enjoy my energy" just after the word energy comes from the Ovilus.

Watch on the right hand side of the screen.  You will see an orb come from under the stairs and shoot to the right but then watch a different orb look as if it is walking down the stairs.  We normally do not post orbs, but this sequence was interesting and unique.

Jon ask the spirits to please do anything to let us know that they were down there with us.  There is a response after the question that sounds like "Nightfall".

Listen to the classic knocking cadence Haircut & Shave.  The last two knocks come  from an unknown source.  The tone of them also suggest they come from upstairs.  We did not hear them at the time.

Listen after Diamond Jim says "I know they loved this place", you hear a child's voice.  Remember we are under the floor of an unoccupied building when this occurs.  You may need headphone to hear it fully.

This EVP occurs after you hear Cory ask a question then you will hear the sound of a picture being taken.  Listen immediatly after the sound of the camera.  We have our opinion of what we think it might say.  Please email us with yours.

This video is of our camera pointing down a short hallway in the bar area.  We are all in the basement at the time this was shot.  Nothing visual, but listen to the female voice and then an immediate sigh afterward. 

This video is of our camera pointing down the same short hallway in the bar area.  You obviously hear us walking above on the second floor and we confirmed we were all up there at the time this was recorded.  You distinctly hear a male say "Hey".  The ticking sound is the large clock on the wall. 

This was captured in a storage closet at the end of the hallway featured in the videos above.  The EVP is very loud and appears to say "Don't Pop Another". 

This was captured during an evp session in the bar area.  Jon ask a question then it appears a female answers.  It almost sounds like she is starting to sing at the end.

This was captured during the same evp session in the bar area.  Diamond Jim asks how many spirits are with us.  The ghost box blasts back with "Twelve".
Actual Bar Area
Upstairs Office and Storage Area

This video is of our camera pointing down a storage area towards the office area where we are sitting.  We are conducting a Ghost Box session and heard the name "Cory" several times.  We asked for it to repeat the name and got a loud response.  The strange thing, the VC Tourism manager was with us during our investigation.  Her name is Cory. 

This video is from the same camera as above.  Listen after Diamond Jim speaks you hear a loud whistle.  If you listen close you hear Kevin tell Jon that he heard a whistle.  Jon then asks Cory and Jim if they heard a whistle, which they reply no.  We were all sitting in the same room, but Kevin was the only one who heard the whistle out loud. 

This was captured during a Ghost Box session in the office area. It is towards the end of the session and we are all talking about what we had experienced, so the recording is loud.  But listen at .07, a loud male voice comes in and says "Home".
Extremely Loud Knock/Bang Caught on Multiple Devices

This extremely loud bang comes from the bar area.  It sounds to us almost like a person slams their hand down on the bar.  The video captures it the best as it is recording out in the open actually in the bar area.  The second audio recording was located in a closet area down the hallway where the camera is actually pointing.  The third audio recording captures it from a recorder in the basement area.  We are all present in the basement when the bang occurs.  You hear us in the third audio recording commenting on it.  When your sitting quietly in a dirt floored basement under a haunted bar, I cannot express how loud this bang was.  We are 100% sure it was none of us and we were the only ones in the building.