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Investigated November 9, 2018
Investigators: Kevin Lynn and Jonathan Hodges
Goldfield Hotel......Part II
Location - Goldfield, Nevada

Date: Nov 9, 2018

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: Entire Hotel
Goldfield Hotel - Goldfield, NV
Many, many years in the making MadCO Paranormal finally had a chance to return to Goldfield, Nevada to conduct a proper full blown nighttime investigation a mere week after Halloween. Expectations were high and months of preperation went into full effect as MadCO Paranormal looked to pull as much out of this place as possible on that insane Friday night in early November.

Much has changed in the 5 1/2 years since our last visit to this legend in the paranormal community. Prior to 2016 Virginia Ridgeway was just about the only way to get into the Hotel to see what it was all about and invitations were extremely rare. Since then Virginia has passed duties over to numerous people making it even harder to track down the right individual to even pose the question of whether we could conduct an investigation. After some serious determination permition and an actual date to investigate overnight revealed itself. We were IN!!!!!! Unlike many paranormal locations this place was fairly undisturbed by the mass of investigators and ripe for something BIG....!

Please enjoy what we feel was one of if not THE biggest investigation we have ever conducted.
Where to start? 5 floors of Horror..........

As soon as we arrived and got our gear set up we did a quick walk around on the 1st floor which yielded some awesome audio evidence!
The video to the left is just around the corner from the lobby and in the first second of the clip you will hear a spirit say "Watch where you' walk."

This next clip is particularly exciting. Still on our quick 1FL walkaround. As we re-enter the lobby area a full sentence EVP is captured of a woman saying........"We already known em. Are you willing to talk with us?" They seem to remember us for 5 1/2 years ago and are ready to speak.......
Kevin and Jon had anticipated their return to The Goldfield Hotel for so long that they could not come to a conclusion as to where they should start their investigation so they devised a unique challenge. They would draw numbers (B-4). What ever number each of them chose would determine where they would conduct simultanous 30 minute solo investigations. Those investigations would start immediately after entering the building!!! Jon drew Floor 2 and Kevin drew Floor 4. Wow what a to dive into their deepest fears. So after equipment setup and a brief 1FL run through we were off to our solo hunts!

During Kevin's 4FL walk around he experienced what he described as pure fear. When walking down the main hall he could see shadows darting around and once he approached one end of the main hall mysterious music was playing. He couldn't gather what and where is was coming from until he entered a specific room. The music was loud enough to where Kevin had to debunk as coming from outside. After futher investigation is wasn't coming from outside. It was coming from that room. Jon and Kevin experience the music a couple other times during the night.
Kevin's audio recorder also captured the music and when  you listen it actually appears to be a potential replay of an occult ritual or hymn of some sort. Notice the lyrics "be one with Satan". During the audio Kevin say's "what the fuck is that ." A female spirit replys "demon".

The lobby was so insanely active that Jon and Kevin would witness countless audible phenomena during down time and equipment change out. THe clip to the left is the two of them talking followed by a spirits saying "Kevin" twice with a big breath at the end.

Female voice Captured in the Lobby

This is a wild one. Its fairly cold inside the hotel so Jon and Kevin have a gas heater in the Lobby. You can hear a male spirit making note of it being hot and potential to get burned!
Pure insanity was the basement during this clip. Kevin and Jon had just set up a game cam in the basement and were making their way through a labrinth of twists and turns to head back to the first floor when they are stopped by a solid metel bang sound. During their pause they are both panning the room when Jon spots what can only be described as the Green Faced Man standing behind Kevin. This is just a sequence of events video. Unfortunately the apparition wasn't captured, but Jon says that image is etched into his brain for eternity.

2FL evidence coming ......... Keep Scrolling down
More coming in the month of October.......!
Spirits asking for HELP................

Spirit asking for help. Location is in the lobby and Kevin and Jon are discuss a stone gifting that had just happen. I stone had just appeared in the seat of a chair Kevin had been sitting in 10 mins earlier.

Spirit asking us for help between the 3rd and 2nd floors

Spirit asking for help at one end of the 4th floor that had endless activity. This audio was an EVP and not a voice coming through the Spirit Box
1st floor rear wing.......Elizabeth's Room and the much Darker White Mist Room

Jon and Kevin nicknamed this room the White Mist Room years ago when Kevin captured a white swirling mist on camera. That occured 6 years prior. Kevin always had a notion this room was filled with negative entities. During a Spirit Box session Kevin kind of taunts the spirits by unveiling a blessed religious medal. Immendiately after Jon feels a blast of cold air rush by him. Near the end of the clip you will hear a female spirit say "Centurion" through the Spirit Box. Was the spirit referring to the Centurion Guards that ushered Christ to his Crucufixion? Or was the spirit potentially speaking of a Centuar like demon that inhabits that room. One things for sure we pissed them off. See Audio below for more proof !!!!!!
This audio clip is follow up from above and one of the clearest evp's we have ever gotten. This audio recorder is down the hall in Elizabeth's Room while Kevin and Jon conducted their Spirit Box session in the Mist Room. The spirit in Elizabeth's Room seems to be asking if Kevin and Jon are "Mad at a certain Demon?"