Investigated July 28, 2012
Investigators: Kevin Lynn and Jonathan Hodges
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If you know anything about the paranormal or ghost hunting you've surely heard about the Goldfield Hotel. Known as a Mecca for ghostly activity the hotel stands in a class all its own.  Many places around the world can claim to be host to hundreds of spirits but the Goldfield Hotel truly has them. I wouldn't say this unless I honestly believed it. This hotel like no other is infested with spirits good, bad and in between. What makes this place such a paranormal hotspot is a bit unknown. Lying in the Nevada desert  miles from any real urban area gives it a feeling unlike most haunted locales around the Unites States. You can honestly get a since of being all alone with no help in sight when you're locked in.

I see it pointless to give you the history of this once forgotten old hotel since you should already know how mining towns worked in the old west. Once the gold and silver were stripped from the mines the people left like a brisk wind to move onto another location seeking riches. And so the same happened in Goldfield, Nevada.

After hunting down the chance to enter this beast of a hotel for 3 plus years, we finally gained access to proceed forward with a 3+ hour daytime investigation. Night investigations are so rare, almost unheard of in this building these days and we were very lucky just to be able to  enter the old hotel. Virginia Ridgway, the caretaker for the hotel for the better part of the last 30 years was our generous host on this wonderful day! Mrs. Ridgway walked us all over the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel and gave us a brief rundown of the hotel's history and the supernatural events that take place inside. After a brief walk around we were actually locked in and free to explore the entire hotel while Virginia ran home to take care of some housely choirs. She would return later to let us out and below you will find our story laid out with a bevy of evidence!

Enjoy! This really is one of the most haunted places we have ever investigated! Thanks to Virginia for helping MadCO realize a dream of being able to investigate the Goldfield Hotel!
Goldfield Hotel - Goldfield, NV
Location - Goldfield, Nevada

Date: July 28, 2012

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: Entire Hotel
Goldfield Hotel

Just before entering the basement as a team Jon and Kevin decided to each enter the basement alone for a short 5 minute period. While Kevin walks around the basement alone he hears what sounds like something walking up on him down a long dark hallway. After taking a few steps back he heads toward the stairs to meet up with Jon. Just before reaching the stairs a voice comes from the darkness and says "F*cking Bitch." Listen at :14.
Photos from inside the Goldfield Hotel!

The Spirits from Goldfield Speak
Jon decided to put a voice recorder in the old elevator as he walked around on the 3rd floor.  As soon as he placed it down, the recorder picked up this voice.  It says "What is That" we believe referring to his voice recorder.

No one is around when these next evps were captured.  The voice recorder was running alone.
"I think we just saw them Chet"

"Is he gone........that man"

"Let them feel the cold"

"Call sir" - This evp may be residual. This particular one was caught in George Winfield's personal area of the hotel.

The Infamous Basement
Kevin and Jon prepare for their decent when this voice was captured.  It appears to say "Go Away."
The Walk Around with Virginia
While helping Virginia down the stairs from the 2FL  you will hear a spirit say "Virginia.....don't go." You can also hear another loud male voice say something when she says she is going to lock us in when she leaves. What this male voice is saying is unclear.
If you listen closey a spirit says "they're her guests" refering to Kevin and Jon.
The spirit of Peter says "I mean it" when Virginia starts reffering to him speaking to her in different areas of the hotel.
Listen closely and you can hear a spirit say "she knows him." At this time Virginia was speaking about Zak Bagans.

Our host Virginia is telling us a story about when she owned the shop across the street and seeing a candle stick floating in front of her own eyes.
1st Floor, Elizabeth's Room and more.......

Day or night the Goldfield Hotel was full of activity and Kevin experienced quite an overwhelming experience in one room near the very back of the hotel when he decided to go it alone. What he may have been feeling and sensed appears to be captured by his video camera which is sitting in the window seal. If you look closely near the bottom center of the frame as Kevin walks off to the right you will notice a white swirling mist like shape moving around. Was this one of the spirits he feels he encountered at the Goldfield Hotel?

Kevin exits the room briefly to retrieve a K2 meter from Jon who is down the hall in Elizabeth's room. Upon his exit you can hear a voice utter the words "Human Demon!" Are they frightened by Kevin's pressence?
As Kevin walks out of the room and across the hall you will hear a spirit say "Drink."

Jon and Kevin ascend the staircase to start their investigation when they both stop in thier tracks to a disimbodied voice!  They had been alone in the Goldfield for maybe 2 minutes!

The one clip above and the one below are both as Jon and Kevin enter a long dark passageway in the basement.  The clip above is as Kevin moves forward to see if there is a doorway where Jon thought he saw someone peek out from.  Watch Kevin react as something obviously startles him on his right, but there is nothing there but the wall.  We captured an EVP at the same time that says "Go Away"!  This one is chilling!  The clip below is when Jon first thinks he saw something peek out.  As Kevin moves back, notice the shadow play on the right side of the screen and then a voice loudly says "Shaun".  Was this Shaun that makes himself known and then tell us a few mintues later to Go  Away?
Remember, it is so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face!!

The clip below features not only an evp saying "Keep Back" but also watch closely on the left side of the shot as a BRIGHT ball of light travels along the wall.  It actually goes through a 2x4!!

Jon on the third floor picks up an evp that says "Walk It".
As Jon walks on the 4th Floor, he picks up an EVP that seems to say "That you Bud".
Additional EVPs!!

This came when the recorder was in the elevator by itself.  It's a full sentence.  Maybe saying, "Come On Move that F-ing................." ??
EVP saying "Wow, Martha's Watching Us"

While conducting an experiment with Virginia, we are talking about Kevin's left foot.  Someone we could not see also says "Left Foot"!

While exploring the 4th floor Kevin leaves his camera at the end of the hall. while walking back to retrieve it you can hear one spirit ask "should we grab the camera?"

As you hear Virginia speaking about the flowers Elizabeth's voice comes through saying "Yeah."