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Date of Investigation:  January 10th, 2020

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn
Location: DeRidder, LA

Date: January 10, 2020

Investigators: Jon Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: Entire Jail and adjacent church w/ Doll Museum
Gothic Hanging Jail
Amazing investigation in Southwest Louisiana. Amongst the town of DeRidder, Louisiana lies a building that is seemingly out of place. The exterior looking like something you would find in a small town in England tucked away with eons of history, yet it lies in rural America.Stange and eerie are two perfect words to describe the place. Darkness reaching every corner of the building makes this place very intimidating from the second you walk in. MadCO was up for the test that night and the Jail would pay off with loads of activity. Enjoy our findings below!

The phantom hand is a great description for this clip above. As Jon films he passes very close to the cell bars when a phantom hand rises into view from the left side of the clip. Its a small hand which we feel may be that of a female spirit. Enjoy!

The clip to the right is interesting in the fact as Jons is speaking about an earlier experience a female spirit appears to say "Talk to me ..........Kevin."

Various activity in this clip. Jon and Kevin are investigating a general population cell when Jon spots a light anomoly near Kevin. A few seconds later Jon hears a spirit voice as Kevin starts to walk off to the right.

Kevin hears a spirit say "Edward" then his walkie pages him for some unknown reason.
You can hear Kevin trip in this audio clip and miraculously a spirit warns Kevin to "watch your step"
Kevin asks if there's a rat in this jail and a male spirit says "only in the rivers."
Kevin remarks to feeling sick. Soon after a spirit remarks by saying "Its happening.......his liver."

As the two are walking up the stairs Kevin hears a disembodied voice that says "Edward." Shortly after Kevin's walkie self pages for no apparent reason.
Kevin's walkie pages again then Jon's MEL meter starts to alert that a spirit is near.
Strange EVP catured as Jon and Kevin descend the staircase. Near the end of the communication a voice can be heard saying "I love Kevin" followed by a louder voaice saying "I love Kevin more."
Orb flying into Jon's left arm.
The video above appears to be a great capture at Jon's shirt being manipulated by a spirit. Just before this happens a spirit is caught saying "pop that shirt" then Jon's reaches back as if he feels something.

The following clip is unique in the way that Jon experienced an odd gas like smell in that cell an hour earlier. During the spirit box session a spirit will say "y'all like that smell?"

At this time Kevin switches places with Jon in the shower area. A spirit is caught saying "A gift to Kevin." shortly after Kevin hears a voice and comments on it.

The team reacts to hearing metalic sound in a nearby room.

This clip is a continuation of the clip to the left. We go to investigate the source of the sound. Kevin comments it sounding like a Tea Kettle. Our friend Marlena mentions the spirits might be making coffee. As soon as she says this a spirit says "yeah."