Date of Investigation:  Oct 14, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

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Location:  Virginia City, NV

Date of Investigation:  Oct 14,2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

Areas of Focused Investigation:  Entire House, Grounds, and former Servant's Kitchens

Investigation:  'TO BE ADDED'....................

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All three of the below videos were captured on the video camera that was positioned in the vault at the Mackay Mansion.  Kevin and Jon are performing a Ghost Box session right outside of the vault door.
"Turn that thing off"
"Just Happy"

This video was captured with the same camera located in the vault.  We have moved on to another part of the house at the time this was recorded.  It appears to us to be possible saying, "Leave This Building Now".

This was captured in the old kitchen area of the mansion.  We are doing a Ghost Box session a couple of rooms over.  Listen to the sound of piano music.  We did not hear this at the time.
Upon arriving at the Mackay Mansion, we were sitting down to discuss the night with the property's caretaker at the main table in the dining room.  Kevin proceeds to sit down and as he barely leans back, the entire back of the chair breaks off of the frame.  The wood was literally broken into a splintered effect.  We all just sat there speechless for a minute not sure of what to say.  There was no way possible that him leaning back was enough force to break the back of the chair. To add to this, if the back was already broken, why didn't the back pull off when he pulled the chair out to sit down. We all honestly felt that the paranormal activity had already started and we had not been in the mansion for more than 5 minutes.  Upon investigating later in the night, we found that we thought the chair had even moved from its original position actually across the room.  Below is evidence backing up the chair experience that night.

This EVP was caught on a video recorder that is pointing into the old kitchen area. Listen to the response after Kevin asks about the chair incident. We received an evp that says "Yes" and you hear Kevin respond as the K2 goes off.  Below is the same evidence but caught on a digital recorder actually in the room with them.

This is when Kevin and Jon realize that the chair has moved from the other side of the room.  Watch at .17 seconds as a hand appears to come in from the bottom left of the screen and you hear a voice say "Pull".  Also notice the K2 is going wild.  The K2 activity lasted for a brief time and then stopped all together as if the spirit walks out of the room. The K2 activity helps support that we were experiencing possible paranormal activity.

This is additional audio support from a digital recorder of the same event featured in the video above.  Notice how the recorder is reacting to the K2 going off and at the end of the recording, Jon's digital recorder picks up the "Pull" EVP that was also captured on Kevin's video camera.

This was captured on a video camera set up in the "Blue Room".  At around .09, you hear what is possible a chair dragging.  Could this be the chair moving in the dining room that we are referring to above?
Additional Evidence

This is a very interesting video clip.  It starts with Kevin and Jon setting up the video camera with a laser grid on the back wall in the "Blue Room".  You hear them leave and they are actually going outside of the mansion to go talk to the caretaker, Vince, about the broken chair they think has moved.  You hear them leave and walk out.  There are 2 main pieces of evidence in this clip.  At 1:01, you see the laser grid dots shimmer out of focus for a brief second and actually hear what sounds like a female voice say something.  Then at 1:16, you hear a male voice say something loudly and then is immediately followed by loud footsteps.  Remember, no one is in the mansion at the time of this recording.

This EVP comes in the "Blue Room".  You will hear Kevin turn his recorder on and, as always, begins with marking the EVP session.  Listen after you hear Kevin say "Mackay Mansion, we call this the Blue Room", Jon says "Yeah", but after that at around .06, you hear another unknown voice say something like "Caught The Wrong Kevin".

This is another EVP session in the "Blue Room".  You hear footsteps through out the entire clip, even over Jon's voice towards the end of the clip.  Kevin and Jon were sitting still the entire time.

Yet another EVP from the "Blue Room", you will hear a male voice say what we believe is "I'm in here". 

This one is best heard with earphones because it is soft and lite.  You will hear at around .06 a female voice say "Hi".  
Interesting Pictures Taken at Mackay Mansion
Here are a couple of interesting pictures we discovered.  The first is of a strange ring shaped anomalie on the wall.  The second picture is of a possible apparition in the window.  You can see a white figure in the window.  It is not that clear, but it still warranted mentioning.