Miscellaneous Investigations and Evidence
Various sites thoughout the Unites States! Stories and undenible proof of the afterlife!
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During a visit to Alcatraz, Kevin learned the full history about the toughest prison in the world known as "The Rock".  After listening to all the stories and doing a walk around on the island and through it's notorious cell house, Kevin started investigating. No video was shot, just digital still pictures and audio recordings. The Cell house is 3 stories high with an A, B, C, and D block. D block was where the worst criminals were housed and also contained a series of isolation cells known as the "Hole". He conducted a handful of EVP sessions inside isolation cell #11 in an attempt to connect with the spirits of those that live and died inside cell block D and most importantly the isolation cells. While in cell #11, he experienced a light headed feeling and disorientation. He left the cell a few times and each time he re-entered the cell these same feelings would come back. He did not feel this in the adjacent cells which are exactly like cell #11.  After exploring cell block D, Kevin roamed through most of the main corridors known as Broadway and Michigan Avenue. While walking these areas of the prison, he photographed numerous areas in the prison and conducted more evp recordings in various open cells. Cell block A is another area closed off to the public and was thought to be part of the old military prison prior to what we know as Alcatraz the federal prison. This area has not seen a complete restoration like most of the prison. A few pictures were taken of the area with some interesting photos of what seem to be a man and younger boy standing at the other end of the cell block. Their figures are partially transparent and leaves us to believe they might not be of the living.  The man appears to possible be guard, but no one was inside the fenced in area at the time the pictures were taken.  A second photo shows the child figure just inside the fenced off area which we know to have been locked preventing tourists from entering the area.
Overall the daytime walk around was great and we hope to be able to conduct a full night time investigation there one day. Please look at the photos below and judge for yourself.

Miner's Cabin - Gold Hill, NV
Watch below for the first hand account of possible the craziest personal experience we have ever encountered.  We heard walking on gravel, in the building, on carpet.  It was loud enough to wake Jon up and give Kevin quite a surprise.

This evp was captured in the back bedroom of the Miner's Cabin while the guys were off on another investigation. The voice recorder was set on automatic noise activation.
This was captured outside behind the Miner's Cabin at the entrance of the Yellow Jacket Mine.