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Date of Investigation:  January 11th, 2020

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn
Location: New Orleans, LA

Date: January 11, 2020

Investigators: Jon Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: Entire House with Zack and Addie's apartment upstairs. Also investigated adjacent apartment in the house and another apartment across the courtyard.
Day 2 of a 3 day tour of Louisiana and it would not disappoint! At 9PM we would embark on an investigation of a location with a gruesome history attached to the place. This location plays host to a brutal murder and dismemberment case from 2005 that has left a lasting stain on the place and took place shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The story of Zack and Addie, a love struck couple living in the upstairs apartment turned from love and happiness to murder and dismemberment overnight.

The upstairs apartment (currently above Bloody Mary's Voodoo Shop) is a true House of Horrors. The apartment plays host to both of their spirits, the bathtub where Addie was cut into smaller pieces, the stove where Zack cooked parts of her body and the refrigerator where he stored other parts of her body are still there for the viewing.

Below are our findings from a creepy night in this horrible location.

The infamous oven and stove where several of Addie's body parts were discovered when the police arrived.

Shortly after Kevin mentions the oven a spirit says"Shut your mouth."

A light anomaly flying out of the oven.

Feeling a little nervous about what type of spirits we may be around Kevin asks "Are you a human spirit" and gets a reply of "Yes."

While in the kitchen one spirit seems to feel the need to tell the other spirits the "Kevin's here."

Jon is conducting a an evp session in one of the bedrooms filled with dolls and after the MEL sounds off a spirit says "I wanna talk to Kevin."

While in the main living space Jon and Kevin are speaking with another investigator when the words "Bury Him" are captured on their recording device!

Just too creepy! That's what we think of this evp. While investigatiing the bathroom they capture a voice saying "Don't be afraid of this place."

The investigators all hear footsteps then a voice saying "now he's coming."
Voices from beyond!

Incredible catch by Jon and Kevin from intelligent spirits! One spirit says to the group "we're in your house" then a second spirit utters "we're staying for pictures!"

Yet another amazing piece! You can clearly hear a spirit knock on the door to the apartment and  ask "can we come in?"