Date of Investigation:  March 4th-6th, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Leslie Hodges

Location: Savannah, GA

Date of Investigation:  March 4th-6th, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Leslie Hodges

Areas of Focused Investigation: Marshall House, Candler Hospital and
Bonaventure Cemetery.

Investigation:  Located on the eastern coastal area of Georgia, is its
first city, Savannah.  Many people believe that amidst the park-like
squares and cobblestone streets, lie some of the most haunted places
in America.  MadCO Paranormal had the opportunity to visit Savannah
from March 4 - 6, 2010, for a quick weekend investigation.  Did the
famous haunted city live up to its legend?

We stayed at the famous Marshall House for the duration of our time in
Savannah.  The Marshall House, the first hotel in Savannah, was built
in 1851.  Since the hotel functioned in many ways during its 150 plus
years of operation, including a Civil War hospital, we thought this
would be the perfect place to begin our investigation.  We conducted a
few EVP sessions and did some K2 work during the day, but did not have
any luck capturing any evidence until night fell.  Throughout our two
night stay, we had multiple personal experiences and even captured a
couple of great EVPs.  At one point in the night, my wife and I both
witnessed a shadow move across our darkened room - once in front of
the fire place and another beside our bed - as we lay awake talking.
My wife is beyond skeptical, but this was enough to make even her
nervous.  We also had an amazing K2 session where the meter would not
react to my questions, but when my wife asked to have some “one-on-one
girl talk” the meter erupted.  It seemed to respond to all her
questions this way.  Our best evidence from our room is a very clear
EVP of what could possibly be a nurse calling for a patient, “Mrs.

On the night of March 4, we visited The Warren A. Candler Hospital.
Upon arriving, you are immediately greeted by the famous Candler Oak.
This tree is over 50 feet high and is estimated to be close to 300
years old.  Amazing to think of what this tree has seen in its
lifetime.  We were lucky enough to secure a visit down into the
hospital’s “death tunnel.”  In 1876, at the height of Savannah’s
greatest Yellow Fever epidemic, 276 people died in a period of 48
hours.  In order to avoid panic throughout the city in response to all
the bodies that were leaving the hospital, the “death tunnel” was
built to remove the bodies without the public noticing.  The Candler
Tunnel also served as an excellent morgue, the coolness of which
allowed bodies to be stored while they awaited burial. We recorded
some Class A EVPs while in there, but interestingly these were all
picked up on our video camera as I conducted EVP sessions. As we
regrouped near the Candler Oak outside, I was able to capture a
possible apparition while I panned my video camera across the lawn.
This apparition was no more than 15 feet away.  The video and still
pictures are featured below.

We visited Bonaventure Cemetery on our last day, but did not find
evidence of any paranormal activity.  We wished we would have had more
time to explore this beautiful city further, but that will have to
come at a later date.  The hospitality and charm of this southern
jewel has not faded through the years, and the ghosts haven’t either.

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'Help Me' evp Marshall House Room 248 - Listen after Leslie says, "We can be all women to women here.
Mrs Robinson evp Savannah Room 248 - Occurs right after Leslie says, "Did you work here".  It does sound like a nurse, which is weird because Leslie then comments, "As a nurse?".
Woman's laugh ... Savannah Room 248 - Occurs right after Jon says, "Gonna take my dollar out".  Leslie does laugh but there appears to be another female laugh after Leslie's that is actually louder than her own.

Tunnel evp 'Yes'

Tunnel evp .. Little Girl... 'Hey'
Here is a breakdown of each frame of the apparition video above.