Date of Investigation:  March 19, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges, Kevin Lynn, Leslie Hodges and Charles Wood

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Location:  Birmingham, AL

Date of Investigation:  March 19, 2010

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges, Kevin Lynn, Leslie Hodges, Charles Wood

Areas of Focused Investigation: Engine Room, Boiler Room, Tunnels,
       Maze Area


Boiler Room - voice says 'Excuse Me'

Engine Room - Voice Humming - 'Camptown Races'

Engine Room - Voice says 'Can You Hear Me?'

Tunnels - Voice says - 'Get Out'

Tunnels - Voice says - 'Leave'

Tunnels - Voice says - 'McDermot' and then faint femail voice.

Above are two pictures of interest.  The first appears to have a face in the upper right corner.  The flash did not work in this picture but a light source seemed to form.  The second picture is of a window that goes into the engine room area.  We heard movement and shot a quick picture in the direction.  If you look close, you will see a black mass near the window entrance.

EVP captured while walking through the Maze area on the video camera. We were not filming but had the camera on when this voice was recorded.

This is from the same video clip as above when we were walking through the Maze area.  You hear Jon say he is going to grab a motion detector, but listen for what sounds like a female say, "Oh!" at the end of the clip.  This happens immediately after Jon mistakenly walks into a large iron wheel.

This clip was recorded in the Tunnels. Jon is walking behind Kevin with a night vision camera.  Please remember they are both walking in complete darkness.  You will see a light come into the picture and shine on the right wall, move to Kevin's back and then shine on the floor before disappearing. There is no way any light source was in the tunnel at the time of the recording.

Captured in the tunnels on my video camera, you hear a voice towards the end of the clip that is not mine or Kevin's.  We are the only two down in the tunnels at this time.  It sounds to say something like "....... look back". 
August 26, 2011 - Additional evidence from a second visit to Sloss.

This was taken in the Boiler Room under the Engine Room at Sloss. Watch as we start talking about a girl who was thought to be raped and murdered in this area. Something flies down in the top left corner of the screen.  If you have been in this area, you know that it's a small, fairly cramped area.  We debunked that this could be a bird or some type of animal.  We did not hear or see this figure while down there.  This is the same area that we had caught evp's at during our previous investigation.

No explanation needed.  Extremely loud response!

This is a weird evp.  We all heard this with our ears but to all of us it sounded like a loud growl.  Only on Jon's recorder did it sound female and it actually echos.  There was only Jon and two other male investigators in the area at the time.

This clip was captured on the back tracks.  You hear an unknown male say what appears to be "Maddie".
Check out more evidence on YouTube (search for jonho27) or join our Facebook page (just search madcoparanormal).  We also have a ton of evidence that is not uploaded to the site due to space constraints.  If you would like to see it, please email us and we would be happy to share.  

Tunnels At Sloss