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Date of Investigation:  January 26 & 27, 2018

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn
Location: Cimarron, NM.

Date: January 26 & 27, 2018

Investigators: Jon Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Areas of Investigation: St James Hotel, Cimarron and Dawson Cemeteries and Old Stone Jail
St James Hotel & Old Stone Jail
The St. James Hotel had been a location on our bucket list for many years. Having said that it was finally time to make the trek to New Mexico and explore this Old West landmark. Famous for stays by the likes of Jessie James, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and more the hotel is rich with history.

Possibly the most famous spirit linked to the hotel would be that of TJ Wright. A regular at the hotel was in the thick of an all night poker game on the 2nd floor of the hotel when a fellow player decided he had had enough of TJ's play that night. As Wright exited the poker room he was shot in the back and ended up crawling to his room down the hall where he later died. The room is room 18 and notorius for a negative haunting. The haunting was so disruptive to the management and those that stayed in the room that the owner's finally decided to shut the door and pad lock in for good in the 1980's. Asidethe spirit of TJ Wright numerous other spirits are known to reside in the hotel and you can say there are NO true hotspots in the hotel for paranormal activity because reports of activity come from every room, hallway and corner of this famous old building.

Secondary sites investigated were the town cemeteries and the old stone jail. Considerable activity was present in the the old stone jail for Kevin and Jon. It proved to be just as haunted as the hotel. Please enjoy our evidence below!
Upon entering our room we knew we were in for a long night. We felt the energy of mulyiple spirits all around us so we decided to roll on the camera. Right away while taking some MEL meter readings we captured a spirit voice in the back room of the Waite Phillips Room. It got exciting fast and that room proved to be active all night long!
After hearing a spirit in the back room we decided to try an temperature experiment to see if we could get the spirit to change the temp upon command. IT HAPPENED! Just watch our excitement.
After conducting a quick live EVP session in the Jessie James Suite we exit the room. As  we do Jon hears a pretty distant voice.When played back its very obvious a spirit is calling out to "Kevin."

The Annie Oakley Room was unique and active. During our walk around we entered this room and got spirit voices coming through our equipment and audibly right away!

Additional footage from the Annie Oakley Room has a female spirit saying "Help Him Annie." Could she be referring Kevin or Jon??
Later in the evening Kevin set up an experiment to see if he could catch any activity in front of room 18. This is TJ Wright's room. On this night there were only a few people at the bar downstairs and Kevin and Jon were the only 2 people actually staying overnight in the hotel. Amazing phantom footsteps were caught going down the hall away from the camera.

Continued interaction in front of the TJ Wright room yielded a solid light anomaly right beside the door knob and a voice!
More coming in the month of October!