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USS Lexington
Date of Investigation: February 6, 2014
Investigators: Jonathan Hodges & Kevin Lynn
USS Lexington
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Date of Investigation: February 6, 2014
Investigators: Kevin Lynn & Jonathan Hodges
Areas of Investigation: Entire Vessel
After a rough night in Yorktown the MadCO team tackled the bohemoth vessel just off the coast of Corpus Christi. The LEX was well known for its time in WWII for the numerous battles it partook in. One of the most famous was an attack on the vessel by a squadron of Japanese zeros. After a hours of fighting a kamikaze pilot aimed his plane at the ship striking the bridge killling  49 people and wounding 132. Would any of these dead sailors make their prescence known?

We were accompanied part of the night by two employees Mark and Mike. Without their help we'd never be able to navigate around this huge ship. The areas investigated ranged from one end of the ship to the other. One thing is for sure. One night was not enough time to investigate such a large ship with so much history attached to it.

Please enjoy our findings!!!!!!

During a solo walk around Kevin makes his way to a compartment on the ship and starts an Ovilus session. He films himself and at one point he begins to hear movement on the other side of the steel wall seperating compartments.

It appears to be something unclipping a chain that blocks almost all stairways on the ship then steps going down the stairway. Its quite shocking to him for one reason. All people on the ship (6) can be account for during this activity and what he heard can only be explained as paranormal.

As Kevin asks a question while using the SB-7 Spirit Box you will here a voice and light anomaly shoot out from below his arm.
While surveying a staircase Kevin starts to walk up and a couple of very unusal voices are captured.
The first makes a very WWII reference by saying "Use a Zepplin' and the next will say "Prior Suicide" next to a sign posting of a suicide in a room next to the staircase.

These residual bag pipe sounds were captured as we walked past the Chapel area.

We feel another awesome piece of residual evidence. Someone appears to be rallying the men, possible for battle?

There were only 4 on the ship that night and we were all together at this time. Someone appears to running a rivot gun in the background though.

We are told "shhhhhh" as we are descending the metal stairs.

Listen to the women say "Look at me".

Is this a women saying "Wow".  Any feedback would be appreciated!