Date of Investigation:  July 26, 2012

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn
Grand anticipation after a two year absence is exactly what Jon and Kevin were feeling. Many thoughts on how they could draw out the spirits were dreamt up and in the end the two crafted multiple experiments with a lot of success. With the Washoe Club being one of MadCO Paranormal's most insane investigations from 2010 Jon and Kevin put a solid 8+ hours of investigation time in to make sure nothing would be left to question once they concluded Part two nearly 2 years later.

Please enjoy the evidence! They had 2 special guests for a short time during their investigation, Jon's parents!

During a daytime walkthrough Kevin and Jon are walking around on the 3rd Floor discussing the area when a shadow rushes behind Jon through the opening toward the staircase. Pretty exciting for daytime!

As they start the night Kevin and Jon decide to split at the main staircase. Jon would head to the 3rd floor while Kevin explores the 2nd floor. As they separate a shadow person rushes past Kevin and seemingly slaps at his camera and yells out "Fucking Bitch." This goes unnoticed by Kevin but he would soon hear a spirit walking around very close by only seconds after starting his investigation in the next clip.

In a room adjacent to the main staircase on the 2nd floor Kevin hears footsteps nearby. He immediately plays it off as Jon above him but soon realizes the sound isn't coming from Jon but rather a spirit very near the entrance to the room.

During the evening Kevin took guest investigator Pat Hodges into the crypt to investigate. Upon their departure from the crypt you can hear a spirit from inside the crypt say "he can't see us!"

Soon after Pat makes a comment about her biggest fear is being touched by a spirit. A spirit promptly obliges by rushing behind Kevin to apparently touch her and even says "that's not hard."

Her worst fear came true although she never knew it! We consider this to be an amazing piece of evidence for MadCO Paranormal! This place will never let you down!

After leaving Pat Hodges alone in the Crypt for a few minutes you can see her act as is something has touched her lower back when she scratches it. Just afterwards you can see a small light anomaly fly away from her lower back.
Location - Virginia City, Nevada

Date: July 26, 2012

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges & Kevin Lynn

Special Guest Investigators: Butler & Patricia Hodges

Areas of Investigation: Entire Building including Crypt Area

Jonathan was doing a solo investigation on the infamous 3rd Floor when his camera picked up this EVP.  It sounds like it's saying "Your Jonathan" almost like it's asking him a question.

Kevin and Jon had heard what sounded like something following them up the stairs.  Watch at around .09 in the top right of the frame.  It appears to be a shadow come into frame then pull back quickly.  The weird thing too is the sound it makes when it pulls back on the camera's audio.  Sounds almost like a drag or weird breath.

Listen at .11 and Jon thinks he hears his name called.  But to our surprise when we reviewed the evidence, it was saying John, but there is a last name too.......MACKEY!
Stairwell Experiment
Jon and Kevin had a great idea for an experiment that night.  One would get on the 3rd Floor where the spiral staircase would have gone to and the other on the 2nd Floor at the top of the current staircase.  They put out EM Pumps to help "charge" the air.  They received several great evp's which you'll find below.

This evp occurs at the beginning of the clip.  You hear Kevin yell out to Jon like he hears something.  The activity got really live for a short time, almost in a burst of activity.

Kevin is hearing footsteps and comments that he's trying to figure out if it's up on the 3rd foor or 2nd, but listen at around .08.  The recorder captured the footsteps plain as day walking away from us.
Listen at the beginning of this clip as you hear a running cadence of steps.  Kevin stops Jon from talking and actually replys that he just heard running!
EVP's from the Crypt

During a ghost box session the question is asked about how many children they had. Spirit replies "Eleven."
Jon notices a breeze in the crypt and and Kevin comments about how that couldn't be possible in the crypt. You can clearly hear a spirit laugh.
Another question is asked to the spirits during a ghost box session inquiring about how many spirits were there. An answer comes through..... "Enough."
Jon ask out about what might have been an occupation of someone that frequented the Washoe Club back in the day. A spirit replys saying  "Digging Gold."

This evp is an extended version of teh one above and comes from Kevin's audio device on the 3rd floor. At about :03 in you can hear an additional voice come through saying the name "Nicholson." They you will hear the other items play out just like the recording above.
Additional EVP's from the Washoe Club

This spirit doesn't like Jon's question and blurts out "stupid fucker."

Another vulger evp is captured. This time the spirit appears to say "shut up you prick" followed by a few more words we cannot make out.