Date of Investigation:  October 2009

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

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Location:  Virginia City, NV

Date of Investigation:  2009

Investigators: Jonathan Hodges and Kevin Lynn

Areas of Focused Investigation:  Bar Area, Crypt, 2nd and 3rd floors 

Investigation:  We will attempt to walk you through our investigation with our evidence.  WOW, what a place!

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Harry Callahan, a.k.a Captain Newman on the HBO hit series Deadwood, talks Washoe Club and Viriginia City history!!!

As seen above, there was no one in the bar except for Suzie, who was bartending, and Mr. Callahan.  We decided to go back to the Crypt area just to get a feel of the place a little better and within 5 mintues, we had activity occuring.  The door was closed to the Crypt area while we were back there.
It all began with a simple door closing.  We actually thought it was just someone outside of the crypt area, but quickly realized there was no one else there.
Within minutes after hearing the door close, we experienced the sound of this women humming.
We heard the women hum again, but this time it was so loud we thought it was someone on the PA system in the bar area.  Kevin went and checked with Suzie at the bar, no one had made a sound and her and Mr. Callahan were still the only two in the bar.
We proceeded upstairs to take a look around the 2nd and 3rd floors while it was still daylight outside in preparation for our investigation that night.  We captured the below evp while simple walking around the 2nd floor.

Male voice says, "Want you play in here"?
Thanks to all that helped in getting it back to code to allow the public to investigate!  But let's not stop now.  Remember, donate or become a member of The Old Washoe Club Museum!  Please go to  Being a member not only gets you discounts at the bar and access to the famous museum and crypt but it also helps to preserve this remarkable building.  MadCO has reserved it's date, have you?
And then night falls..............

To fully understand what you are about to see in the videos shot at night, you must know what we are seeing while we film.  Check out this clip to experience how dark the Washoe really is!

We hear what we think is footsteps before a shadow actually rushes Kevin.  Remember that we are in complete darkness and can see basically nothing.  We tried to debunk this but you can see my IR light's center on the wall in the hallway which would move if my IR light moved.  The video camera obviously does not move.  The IR light was the only light source we had on and of course we cannot see it. The shadow appears to rush Kevin, then walk off and actually gets larger before it disappears into the wall.  Kevin then feels like something touches his hand and you see him react.  The room we walk into, which is also where the shadow appeared to head towards, produced extreme activity through out the night (shadows, rock thrown, evps, touching, etc.).  Evidence supporting this activity is below.

This is mainly an audio clip filmed in the Poker Room.  We were setting up to play poker to try and bring the spirits out.  It apparently worked as we have two spirits who are interested in what we are doing.  You hear one say "I'm going, you coming" and then another says, "Na, I'm not".  

During our set up for that night's investigation we caught a strange bang and voice that sounded like it was on the upper floors with us and not downstairs at the bar. It was approximately 11PM. Notice the bang and female voice that follows are clear but seem to be at a higher frequency.
This is the half speed version of the video to the left. You can now clearly hear what appears to be a gun shot  followed by a woman saying
"Who's in there...who's in there.....oooooooohhhhhhh!"
Later in the evening we locked off a video camera in the ballroom which was adjacent to where we heard the earlier gun shot. You can also hear a noise that sounded like gunfire here. Were we catching residual gun shots from a 100 plus years ago???

This is probably one of the more exciting and frightening moments for investigator Jon. The 3rd floor held a number of surprises for us, but one room in particular had almost endless activity. We later found out that this room may have been the site of a murder.
As we enter the room notice the K2 meter start picking up EMF. As soon as this happens you will see a light anomaly shoot from Jon's back and then another light dart's back toward him as he enter's the back room.
As soon as Jon crosses into the back room his knees buckle just a bit as he is being grabbed on the hand! It shook him up for a little while, but we stuck it out and got a lot more evidence from this room!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few minutes later we are asking questions and suddenly hear what sounds like a small peeble being thrown. Watch for the orb flying into the hand that is holding the EMF gauge.
Also as we're investigating where this stone hit you will hear a "NO" come from the adjacent room.  Audio clip below is from Jon's voice recorder captured at the same time.  Listen how loud the "No" is!!!!

As we made our way to the back of the building we received evidence of a spirit in close proximity to us. Kevin feels something near him and as Jon backs up to check with the EMF gauge you will hear a grunt and possible metal door latch click.

Door caught moving when we requested it. Note is was very dark and we did not notice the door moving at the time it happened.
Second door captured moving on the 3rd floor of the Old Washoe Club!
This video was caputured on the third floor of the Washoe Club.  We are retrieving one of our cameras towards the end of the night when we hear footsteps coming from the room that is in front of us.  Listen closely at around .08, you can kind of hear the footsteps.  We actually heard 4 distinct steps.  The K2 begins going off and then at .22, you can hear a loud cadence of footsteps.  Kevin actually comments, "It's coming" and is literally right in front of us.  But remember, we are looking into complete darkness.

We are not big orb investigaters, but thought this one was worth sharing.  Watch at .05 on the right hand side of the screen.  You will see it fly up from the bottom and actually stop, then change directions to the right.  The K2 had just exploded with activity.
This was captured on the 3rd floor.  There is wording in the video to help guide you through it.  We heard a male voice say, "Mine" and then a shadow dart off to the left behind Kevin on the wall.

Poker Room evp - You hear Kevin drop some money then an unknown male voice speaks.  It is extremely loud. Can you make out what it says?  If so, please email us.  That is Kevin saying, "My money" later on in the clip.  Sounds possible like, "Looking Bad.........".

Another Poker Room evp.  Listen after Kevin says that the ante is $20 gold piece.  Sounds like the same spirit voice as above saying either, "Nice" or "Good Night" in reference to the ante amount, as in if shocked by the amount.

Listen at around .04.  Sounds like a male voice saying, "Hey Watch It".  Did we walk up on and disturb someone?

At around .05, you hear a male voice right in the audio recorder say, "It's Cold".  You also hear what sounds like the metal box that was hit by the rock earlier in the night (evidence above) make a loud bang again.  The box was several rooms over and we were not aware of the noise.

Interesting audio clip.  You hear the K2 just blowing up with activity by all the static it is causing in the digital recorder.  Listen at around .04, you hear, "Light It Up".  Was this spirit telling another to light the K2 up even more?

Listen at around .04, you hear a voice say, "Their Coming". This is 100% an intelligent spirit.  Is it talking about us or trying to warn us?

I  guess we were making too much noise, because listen at the very start of this audio clip, you hear a voice tell us to "Quiet Down".  It's right before Kevin says, "I'll tell you what".
A couple of interesting pictures.  The first one is in the rooom we refer to in many of our above evidence posts as the room with no floor.  Weird light anomalie was captured.  The second picture appears to be some sort of mist.  I do not have a strap on my camera, so we could not come up with an explanation for the picture.  Nice orb on the staircase. No ground breaking shots, but still worth a look.