Date of Investigation: February 5, 2014
Location: Yorktown, TX
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Investigators: Kevin Lynn & Jonathan Hodges
Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Date of Investigation: February 5, 2014
Areas of Investigation: Entire Building
Investigators: Kevin Lynn & Jonathan Hodges
This was a very much anticipated investigation for MadCO Paranormal. Our intial thoughts and hopes for the place were easily met and exceeded as we were pleasently or horrifyingly surprised at what we encountered at this dreadful place.

The building held several surprises for us throughout the night. We witnessed more then a dozen disembodied voices, poltergeist activity, 2 apparitions and a physical attack. This place would leave us with a very uneasy feeling once our night concluded. We left KNOWING Yorktown Memorial Hospital was haunted and potentially the most haunted location MadCO has ever been too.

Please enjoy our findings!
The Basement
Here's a great example of the activity witnessed in the basement. It was hot full quite a while with shadows darting around all over the place.

Watch for the area in front of Jon to become much darker followed by a voice and the dark area (unformed spiritual energy) to bolt out of frame. Just before this action you will hear a grunt that is heard by both Jon and Kevin.

During a very successful ghost box session Kevin, having walk to the other end of the main hall is returning when a spirit comes through the ghost box saying "approaching."

Just before starting their ghost box session in the basement Kevin leaves Jon alone and goes back to their setup station to retrieve an additional memory card. On his way back down to the basement the sound of a piano key comes through. This is not noticed by Kevin and only picked up during evidence review.
Yorktown Memorial Hospital

During an intense ghost box session Kevin sets up behind Jon to film the activity. Jon asks a question and gets a response of "ok" out of the ghost box. At the time of the response Kevin abruptly reacts noticing a huge battery drain on his camera at the same time the voice is heard!

While explaining the battery drain to Jon a large ball of light flys past Jon toward Kevin.

The action was very intense for about half an hour in the basement.

While doing a quick live evp session in the chapel you can hear a door open and what souds like a squeeky wheelchair gonig down the hall.

During the same live evp session Jon seems to experience a bout of acid reflux. Real or not the spirits react as we are leaving the chapel. You notice we hear a laugh and then a second laugh is picked up on audio that we do not hear. As we start down the hall Kevin picks up on a disembodied voice making fun at Jon's issue.

Quite possibly one of the coolist experiences of the night. Kevin has just set up a stationary camera on the top floor. He is headed back down the stairs when he notices a bright flash of light at the bottom of the stairs. He sees a person partially standing behind the double doors and assumes its Jon and asks "you just take a picture?" This figure answers and then darts away from Kevin down the adjacent hall.

The movement is very strange to Kevin and he races to the bottom of the stairs and around the door to see nobody. You then hear him asking for Jon who is a good 35-40 feet away and down a completely seperate hall.

What Kevin witnessed was a large ball of light that apparently manifested into a large 6'+ apparition of a man with detail and 3 dimension in character.

Most ghost hunters go years without seeing an apparition if ever but Kevin not only sees one but it even speaks back to him!

The 3rd floor proved to supply great audio during our investigation. In the backgroud you will hear an Ovilus running spitting out words. Then out of nowhere Jon and Kevin both react to an audible voice.
EVP's from the............

While in the chapel a camera set up on the top floor records what sounds like an entity opening a door just behind the camera and walking down the stairs.

You can hear Jon in the chapel one floor down asking questions during a ghostbox session.