Millions of spiritual creatures walk the Earth.  Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.
- John Milton
Friends since 7th grade. Jonathan Hodges lives in Madison County, Alabama, Kevin Lynn in Denver, Colorodo.... Sharing a passion for sports, the unexplained, and a little adventure, we started to explore local legends, famous sites, and the 'have you ever heard'.....we ARE MadCO paranormal.  Well, we've heard what you've heard and we want to know the truth.... whatever that is....

                          Jonathan Hodges
                          Kevin Lynn
MadCO Paranormal
Kevin and Jon reviewing evidence.
Kevin outside of the Virginia City Cemetery.
Jon taking a break at The Stanley Hotel.
Kevin scoping out the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, NV.
Jon wondering what MadCO was getting themselves into at The Washoe Club.
Kevin investigating the formal dining area at Mackay Mansion.
Jon stopping for a quick picture beside the famous haunted piano at The Stanley Hotel.
Night has fallen and Kevin gets ready to tackle The Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV.