Date of Investigation:  August 13th and 14th, 2009

Investigators: Kevin Lynn and Jonathan Hodges

Date of Investigation:  August 13th and 14th, 2009

Investigators: Kevin Lynn and Jonathan Hodges

Areas of Focused Investigation: Room 401, Entire 4th Floor of Hotel,
Billiards Room, McGregor Room, Tunnels under the Hotel and the Manor

Investigation:  Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain
National Park, the Stanley Hotel is a majestic mansion in the scenic
town of Estes Park, Colorado.  MadCO Paranormal visited the Stanley
Hotel August 13-14, 2009.  The room we acquired for our night’s
lodging was none other than the infamous room 401.  This room served
as the Nanny’s break area during the early nineteen hundreds.  Most of
us have heard of the reported claims of paranormal activity at the
Stanley Hotel, which includes everything from voices and physical
manipulation to ghost children who roam the 4th floor of the hotel.
We documented activity at an array of times during our stay - day and
night, early and late.  Our evidence consists mostly of personal
experiences, pictures, and EVPS (many of these are very strong “Class
A” EVPs).

Room 401 is everything you read about and more.  Honestly, Kevin and I
were expecting an ordinary nice room at a beautiful old hotel that had
been made famous by some television hype.  We found much more.  Within
15 minutes upon arrival in our room, Kevin had a personal experience.
While in the bathroom, he distinctly heard someone say him name.  It
was loud enough that he opened the door and asked me what I wanted.  I
had not said a word.  We immediately launched into investigation mode.
We brought out our K2 meter and digital recorders and were able to
document what we believe to be a child entity.  The K2 was indicating
extreme electromagnetic activity and immediate playback of our voice
recorders yielded EVP evidence.  At one point we asked the child to
come jump on the bed and got a direct response of “Yeah, yeah.”  Soon
after, our K2 meter indicated that electromagnetic activity had
stopped, and it seemed that everything had gone quiet.  About 30
minutes later, our K2 started reacting again, and we captured a
child’s voice on our digital voice recorder that stated “You know
we’re back.”  We continued to ask questions and received a startling
EVP of what appears to be a women asking “What you two doing up in
here?”  Could this have been a nanny coming to take a break?  Kevin
and I both felt that this entity either could have been talking to the
children we were communicating with, or possibly talking directly to
us.  Later on in the evening we captured other EVP’s in the room,
including a long pronounced “Noooooooo” and (quite possibly the
clearest EVP we have captured to date) a demand to “Just Leave!”  Our
experiences continued until around 3 a.m.  We did not, however,
experience anything involving the famous closet in Room 401.  Be sure
to check out the EVPs captured while Kevin and I were packing to
leave.  Some of them are very bizarre.

Tunnels Under The Hotel – Kevin and I were granted access to the
tunnels under the hotel, where we captured EVPs even as we were
crawling into the cramped space.  Multiple voices warned us not to
enter the tunnels, including a male voice saying “Don’t Come Back
Here” and a female voice saying “Go Back.”  At one point in the
investigation we once again focused on communicating with any children
that may be present and actually picked up an EVP that says “I See
You” in a child-like voice.  At this exact moment we also captured a
picture of what appears to be a small child’s face peering at us from
the back of the tunnels.

Manor House – Kevin and I also explored the Manor House next door to
the main hotel and were able to document some great evidence there.
Since the building is so small, we decided to split up when we arrived
upstairs - Kevin on one side of the hallway and me on the other.  We
both picked up EVPs on our recorders.  Although I didn’t hear it with
my own ears, I recorded the very clear sounds of a child playing.  You
can tell how quiet it was in the hallway by the tone of our voices
when asking the questions.  Kevin was able to pick up a male voice
that appears to be saying “What?” after he asks a question.  Kevin was
standing in the hallway very close to the famous room 1302.  The
hallway was so quiet, as evidenced by the hushed tones in which we are
speaking, that the fact that we recorded these voices but did not hear
them contributes to the paranormal quality of the recordings.

Our first experience with the Stanley Hotel produced more documentable
evidence than we ever dreamed.  For sure, many strange events, some
more explainable than others, appear to take place in the Stanley
Hotel.  This hotel is one place about which we can definitely say that
the stories and rumors you hear about hauntings, well…..they are true.

Check out some of our evidence below........

***(Headphones are always recommended for maximum sound quality)***

Check out more evidence on YouTube (search for jonho27) or join our Facebook page (just search for

Video- A Voice Says 'Just Leave'

Audio- 'they got her' in Paul's room

'You know we're back' - Listen after Kevin's question, "Are you still here with us?" - Room 401

'Don't come back here' - 10 Second into clip - Crawling into tunnels

'Go Back' - Knocking you hear is people walking above in lobby - Tunnels

Manor House - Child playing in hallway

'Yeah Yeah' - Childs response when we ask it to "Jump on the bed" - Rm 401

1. - '....Go Away' - Kevin says, "It's kind of rhythmic" and Jonathan says "It is." - Behind Jon's voice you hear the first evp   2. - starting at 7 seconds you hear a whisper, but we could not make it out.... - Room 401

'Nooooooo' - Listen after window slams in the clip - Rm 401

'Hello' - Listen at 3 seconds for female voice - Room 401

'What you two doin up in here' - Former Nannies break room

'What?' - Listen at 8 seconds - Captured in Manor House near room 1302

'I see you'  - Childs voice - Captured in Tunnels - Cool picture to go with it below

'Hey'  - At 2 seconds you hear a woman's voice, the at 5 seconds she says something else -Kevin and I are talking about the K2 meter

'Really strange EVP ..... Listen after Kevin says, "If you got something to say you better say it now." - After reaching out to you guys, we have gotten responses that believe it says "Cemetery's Got Weeds".
These two pictures were taken in the tunnels under the lobby.  The first picture coincides with the EVP above "I see you".  In the EVP you hear Kevin take the picture and then say, "Jon, big, big orb right beside you".  The first picture is what he is referring to, but look in the background.  It appears to be a face coming up from the mound.  At this exact moment, we received the EVP above that says what we believe to say, "I see you".  The second picture was taken a few seconds later.  The face is gone.